My Car Racing Year in Review

Nascar 19 Race Car

It’s been quite the season for me and the team. The cars have been holding up great and our new transportation system with our 18 wheeler truck has been blessing in disguise. And so far all of our fans of been drawn to our new set up that car racing shows made by the Hamilton glass experts. I’ve decided to switch my number two number 19 after my latest appearance on serious XM satellite radio I felt that because of my dad’s choosing that number I should continue on with that number on the hood of my NASCAR and formula one vehicles.

My worst experience so far this year was the blowout of my tire causing me to run directly into an opponent and take him out of the race. When you’re driving in a race and you spend out, Crash and cause yourself to leave the race. It’s not quite as bad. But when you take other people out that have traveled across the country to come and race, It makes it a very tough thing to swallow considering the amount of time and effort that goes into these car races at each and every event.

There’s always one big question in the world of car racing and I think we answered it this year. How can you make an average car, In our race field, go faster. Any advantage, really is going to help us get the extra edge we need to take our automobiles across the finish line before our opponents. The first up I took this year to make sure that happens, is to research the best possible mechanics there are out there out there.

Honestly, I’ve gone through about 25 different mechanics. I’m very picky when it comes to this because it has such a large effect on the results of the actual races. It’s hard to not make it personal, but at the end of the day we are racing to earn a living and all personal relationships need to be put aside in order to win and have the best team possible. So this year we really focused on upping her superchargers making sure that the air compressors and fuel was providing us with some ridiculous power to blow past the competition. And don’t forget nitrous oxide. If you plan on using this please take precautions, does it one of the least safe methods for improving this of your vehicle. You wouldn’t want to make your engine explode!

The next advancement we made this year was our intake system. You’d be surprised how much extra power and lowered fuel usage you get by having a proper combustion system set up with your vehicles engine in these races. A lot of race car drivers overlooked this method and that’s why they end up in the end of the pack. There’re certain advantages that you need to take advantage of that are perfectly legal in the racing leagues we participate in.

With that being said we made some great advancements in our positions and earnings this race year.We’ve grown more fans on social media than we’ve ever had before. All of our vehicles are performing at at least 10 to 20% better than they were last year under the same conditions and in the same vehicle. All in all it’s been a great year for this gig at Speedway race team and our international tour of the 2015 to 2016 season.